Walking and hiking in the Vendee

The Vendée is a very varied rambling area. From our house in Beauvoir-sur-Mer we already set out several routes. For example along the salt pans, where salt is still being harvested. One of the economic foundations of this region in the 19th century. Of course also along the oyster farms, and the small picturesque harbour “port du Bec”. Our house is in the middle of a bird sanctuary. When walking you can encounter a lot of different animals; little egrets, Ibises, beavers and martens.

The island Noirmoutier, at the coast at Beauvoir-sur-Mer, is a pleasant area for all kinds of walking tours. From beautiful beach walks, to walks through the pine forests and bird sanctuaries of the island. More inland, there are many routes as well. The landscape is more hilly is this part of the Vendée. The hiking tours are generally in and around lakes, castles and old villages.

A bit more up north about 30 km (18 miles) from our house, in the surroundings of Pornic, is a famous walking route along the coast. The so called “route de douaniers”. This old route goes past the many rocky coasts, which are present in this region. For hundreds of years it has been used against the local smugglers.

We have maps at your disposal, so you will be able to find the hiking routes.