Nicest things to see and do in the Vendée according to Hemko (not in particular order)

Wine tasting: in a range of 50 km (30 miles) it is possible to taste a wide range of French wines. White, Rosé and Red. Or to be exact, the Pays Vignoble Nantais with its Muscadet and gros plants du Pays-Nantais and the Fiefs Vendéens with its White, Red and Rosé at the coast and in the country. This makes it a nice challenge for Hemko to find some new favourites.

Ship – and plane construction: a trip over the immense bridge at Saint Nazaire gives you already a good possibility to see the unloading of the big ships in the harbour. The immense passenger ships which are built in Saint Nazaire and which stick out far above the neighbouring houses is also spectacular to see. The Queen Mary II was built here. An organised tour to these boat builders and to the Airbus plant in Saint Nazaire where they make the new super plane A380, is really worth a visit.

Attraction park: the spectacular historical attraction park Puy du Fou speaks for itself.

Waterfun: Hemko has got his swim trunks ready to go to the Water park Océanile on ile de Noirmoutier and Atlantic Toboggan at Saint Gilles Croix. Hemko enjoys descending from the very high and long toboggans.

Golf: Hemko imagines himself in a Golfers paradise with 10 very varied golf courses in a very reasonable distance drive and also very important not as busy as everywhere else in Europe, so there is enough time and room to play. Certainly when the French have their 2 hour lunch.

Bird watching: as a son of a birdwatcher, Hemko also enjoys watching birds(the feathered variety!). That the Sacred Ibis is a regularly seen bird in this area is something his dad still does not want to believe (“no doubt escaped from the zoo”).

French Cuisine: A highlight of the French Kitchen, and something which Hemko easily makes a detour for is the “Americain”. For those who don’t know it; a combination of half a French bread filled with fries and for example a hamburger, merguez or sausage and of course a considerable amount of sauce. Bon Apetit!?!

James Bond: not the large quantity of shops or the cultural curiosities, but the cinema lures Hemko to Nantes. To watch an English film with subtitles, which is called a VO (version original) in French. Hemko does not like the French dubbed movies “Mon nom est Bond, James Bond”.

Planet Sauvage: This is a very nice zoo/safari park between Nantes and Beauvoir-sur-mer, with most of the animals without cage and in free range where you can drive through with your car.