Table d’hôte

The table d’hôte dinners are the nicest evenings of the week. We start with an aperitif and then a 3 course menu with wine and at the end, coffee or tea. We always ask our guests in the morning if they want to participate and what kind of food they are particularly not fond of. On this basis we make the menu. We get the impression that guests enjoy eating at the house, as at the end of the dinner it is just a small walk to their bedroom. Small children can eat in advance or join in with the parents, this is something we always discuss with the parents. For those who are not that familiar with the French language, the French menus are not the easiest to understand, so you can easily end up with some unusual French delicacies on your plate. We don’t serve those kind of things at our Table d’hôte dinners.

The wine

As we live in the middle of two wine regions, the wine is something which does not go unmentioned at our table d’hôtes dinners. For those who drive around in Beauvoir-sur-Mer, you will see some small vineyards in peoples gardens. Particularly the fruity Rosé from the Vendée (Fiefs Vendéen) we really like, as well as the white wine from the Pays Vignoble Nantais (Muscadet, Grosplant and Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine). 


Chambres d’hôtes are not well known as a holiday concept to everyone. In France they call it Bed & Breakfast à la francaise. The difference from the English Bed & Breakfast is, however, that in France it is also possible for the guests to have dinner at night with the owners(the hôtes). There are a few rules from the French government to ensure that chambres d’hôtes do not compete with the local restaurants. Only guests who spend the night can join in on the table d’hôtes dinners. The owners have to participate in the dinner as well, and everybody is sitting therefore at one large table. The maximum number of guests is 15 persons. There is only a “menu of the day” (no menu cards) and the price must include wine and coffee.

To give a impression of the meals we served last year


Starters  Main Courses Desserts
Salade Nicoise
Peches acidulés au jambon cru
Soupe de poisson
Gratin de coquilles St. Jacques
Coq au Vin
Saltimbocca aux poires
Tomates farcies
Cailles au vin blanc
Poulet grillé et couscous au citron
Omelette Norvégienne
Trio de chocolat
Tiramisu aux poires
Glace au lavende