Pornic; Bretagne historic

We live on the north border of the Vendee next to the Loire-Atlantique department (Nantes is the capital). We go there often to hike on the coast of Pornic (approx.14.000 inhabitants). It is only 30 km from our home. Contrary to some seaside resorts Pornic is lively all year round.

Pornic is known for its castle in the old harbor. We love to strol around it and then go to the old town to the market on Sundays. In the past  Pornic was part of the Brittany area and thus the houses still make you feel asif  you are in Brittay, with the white walls and slade roofs.

Pornic coast

There are two harbors, the old one as mentionned above and the marina. Pornic used to be a fishers harbor, but nowadays there are very little fishing boats left. Pornic has become over the last century more a seaside resort with amongst others a Thalasso and Casino. There is an old, but well maintained trail that was used in the past to keep an eye on the smuglers from the island Noirmoutier across the bay. We love this walk. You hike on the rocks right next to the sea with fish nets and people collecting oysters from the rocks. On the other side there are very fancy houses of more than a century old. At the end of the trail there are dolmens.

Pornic has a 18 holes golfcourse.

Pornic is a good place to eat seafood, if you fancy them. There are nice restaurants on the quay and a few on the old customs road.