In the Vendée approximately 2,500 hectares of nature have been opened for the public to walk and to cycle through the woods, along the rivers and marshes and of course along the coast.

The coast

Along the coast between the northern point of the island Noirmoutier and the coast of the bay of Aiguillon, you will find plants and birds of all kinds of plumage. This varies from Mediterranean plants and a great variety of birds. Because of the gentle climate a lot of birds hibernate in this region during the winter. For a list of which birds stay here in the winter click here. Because of the high tide difference, at low water you can find a lot of sea animals on the beach. This varies from large red starfish to big crabs.

The marshes

The large marsh areas by the sea, are very rich and alternating with regard to nature. In and around the rivers in these areas you will find otters, coypus, river crayfish, wagtail etc. In fact too much to mention. In the south of the Vendée you can make splendid boat excursions in an area which is called green Venice. This is an ideal way to discover the nature of the Vendée. Also in the marshes form Le Perrier – “promonade en Yole” along the great Perrier canal.

We have many books about the locations worth seeing at your disposal. So when you arrive at our place, come over and read through all the books and leaflets, so you can make up your mind about which beautiful part of the nature in the Vendée you want to discover as well as the bicycle possibilities and also the walking tours.