Photo-Album of beaches in the Vendee

Below you will find a collection of photo’s of beaches in our area. They are all within a radius of 15 miles of our holiday homes. There is a big variety of beaches in the Vendee. There is something to suit everybody from big beaches with a promenade to quiet beaches behind pine forests. When the causeway “Passage du Gois” is open the distance to the beaches on the Island Noirmoutier is much shorter. We know the best beaches to find shells, the best beaches the find small crabs or the best beaches for swimming. Don’t hesitate to ask. There are beaches where the sea is very quickly very deep, so it is good for swimming. But there are also beaches where the sea slopes much slower, these are ideal for little children. Check out below, which beach in our neighbourhood will suit you the best.

Our favourite beach, is the beach “Plage de Dames” on the island Noirmoutier. A wooden escalade, wooden beach houses, nice restaurants and next to a pine forest. Suitable for all ages. Difficult to reach in high season.

The beach of Fromentine. Our closest beach, only 7 miles from our place. Straight next to the village center of Fromentine. So it easy to buy a ice-cream, newspaper etc. There is a lot of current in the water so this beach is not very suitable for small children.


The beach of St. Jean de Monts. Probably the best known beach in our area. Slowly sloping sea, so it is ideal for little children. It can get busy on this beach, but there is also a lot to do, like kids clubs, bars, restaurants, bike hire etc. There is a coastguard on this beach.


The beach of La Gueriniere on the island of Noirmoutier. A cosy and pleasant beach on the atlantic coast of the island Noirmoutier. Not so busy, but there is a small bar and a small kids club. This beach is not guarded.



The beach of Notre Dame de Monts is one the most populair beaches with our customers. It is a fully equiped beach, with showers, toilets, bars and kids clubs. But the ambiance is still cosy. In high season with high water it can get a little busy here. This beach is guarded.



The beach of Barre de Monts is one of the more quiet beaches in the Vendee. Ask us for driving instruction to this beach. On this beach there a sailingschool.


The beach of Barbatre, the first beach after the bridge to the Island of Noirmoutier, is also often one of our customers favourites. It is a relatively quiet beach, even in high season. There is a sailing instructor with a school.