About us – Hemko & Martine

We are living the dream – Why not sample a taste of it for yourself?


That we would start our own B&B/Chambre d’hôtes in the western Loire Area, was clear from the beginning. Martine was there, for the first time, in 1987, through an exchange programme during school holidays and lived there for a year in 1991. After his year of civil service Hemko worked there for a summer in 1992, and from then onwards we frequently visited the western Loire Area. For two people who grew up just behind the dunes in Holland, in Castricum and Callantsoog, it had to be somewhere near to the coast. We are more than satisfied with our house in Beauvoir-sur-Mer. Walking distance from the sea, quiet in a natural reserve, but nevertheless a lot of very varied entertainment nearby. Nice for the guests, but of course also for us, outside the season. A location with enough inspiration for Martine, who is writing in the illustrated dutch magazine Maison in France for a few years about our preparations and experiences of living in France and about our integration in France. 

Why a B&B?

We have given it a lot of thought, but we can no longer remember it; why we wanted to start a Chambres d’hôtes in France. Was it during a joyful sunny holiday? Or after a stressful day at work in the Netherlands? Or whereas we visited a Chambre d’hôtes in France, and they made such a mess that we thought that we could do this better. The decision was already made in 1999. It is great to learn new things, to meet new people, run our own business, and of course also have more time for each other and with each other. We are enjoying it all very much.

A joint project?

We always joke a little concerning this subject to other people. ‘ Hemko is for the entertainment and Martine is for the food ‘, is what we say. Until recently Hemko (1969) was a Sales director at Misco in Amstelveen, a reseller of IT products. Martine (1967) has held several internationally oriented commercial positions through the years. She really likes to cook, so join us at one of our special table d’hôte dinners. Hemko has meanwhile extended his knowledge of and passion for the wide range of wine from France. Come to see and taste what Hemko has stocked in his wine cellar.

We look forward welcoming you to one of our special table d’hôte dinners.

We are living the dream – Why not sample a taste of it for yourself?

Hemko and Martine

P.S. we have made a list of, according to us, the nicest things to do and visit in the Vendée.

With special thanks to Lynn’s suggetions for our translation, but rest assured we do speak english.